Famous Masons


Shaquille O’Neal – basketball

Arnold Palmer – golfer

Sugar Ray” Robinson

Jack Dempsey

John Elway

Scottie Pippin Here is a list a famous Freemasons from the United Grand Lodge of England


King George IV (1762 – 1830) King William IV (1765 – 1837) King Edward VII (1841 – 1910) King Edward VIII (1894 – 1972) King George VI (1895 – 1952)

Entertainment and Art

Gene Autry – actor of Western genre Irving Berlin – composer and musician Harry Houdini – magician and illusionist Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – famous composer and musician Richard Pryor – actor Jonathan Swift – poet who became Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral John Wayne – actor of Western genre of film and television Oscar Wilde – Irish writer and poet Mark Twain Athletes

Ty Cobb – baseball Charlie Conache – ice hockey Jack Dempsey – boxing John Elway – football Jack Johnson – boxing James Naismith – founder of basketball Scottie Pippin – basketball Sugar Ray Robinson – boxing Honus Wagner – baseball

George Washington James Monroe Andrew Jackson James Polk James Buchanan Andrew Johnson James Garfield William McKinley Theodore Roosevelt William Howard Taft Warren G. Harding Franklin D. Roosevelt Harry S. Truman Gerald R. Ford Leaders and Explorers in America Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin – the American astronaut to step on the moon in 1969 Aaron Burr – served in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War, was later stripped of his Freemasonry membership for conduct unbecoming a Freemason Walter P. Chrysler Davey Crockett – a 19th century frontiersman and soldier Henry Ford Benjamin Franklin – an inventor and considered one of the Founding Fathers of America John Hancock – famous Patriot from the American Revolution Marquis de Lafaette – largely responsible for securing France’s aid to colonial America Lewis and Clark – early American explorers Charles Lindbergh – American aviator from the early 20th century Robert R. Livingstone – considered a Founding Father of America Thurgood Marshall – Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Fredrich Schwatka – Early explorer of Alaska Booker T. Washington – leader in rights for African-Americans from the late 1800s to early 1900s International Leaders Sir Winston Churchill King Edward VII King Edward VIII King George IV King George VI King William IV Science and Medicine Joseph Bailey – Civil Engineer who also fought in Civil War Luther Burbank – famous American naturalist Erasmus Darwin Edwin L. Drake – pioneer of the American oil industry Fleming – won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of penicillin Edward Jenner – discovered the cure for smallpox Sir Sanford Fleming – inventor and engineer, responsible for developing time zones