About Us

Trinity Lodge usually holds two meetings each month except July and August, one meeting for business and one for social events, the initiation of new members or degree work. The Lodge calendar typically includes other traditional events and programs such as the Christmas Party with our families and special ladies (widows), volunteering in the community, delivering poinsettias to our Special Ladies , summer picnic, table lodge, Service Award Presentations, Past Masters’ Recognition, Ladies’ Night, and Memorial Service for Deceased Brethren.

Trinity Lodge also maintains a periodic exchange of visits with two sister Lodges in the U.S.A; namely, Clifton-Gaston Allen Lodge No. 664 from Lakewood Ohio and Rubicon Lodge No. 237 from Waterville Ohio. These fraternal visitations date back to the 1950’s with Dominion Lodge No. 598 and Palace Lodge No. 604.


The brothers of trinity lodge take part in many volonteer initiatives throughout the year. Here you can see 2 brothers taking their turn with the salvation army kettle. Every year this is something the lodge takes part in

The Salvation Army has been a great partner, we also take part in the Christmas dinner they offer every year.

You will also find us at some of our other annual endevours Trinity takes part in, like the Tim Hortons camp day or lending a hand to the windsor goodfellows with their newspaper  sales campaign. Working tables at the mall for the masonic chip program is another way you might see us at work in the community.



If you’ve ever been to a parade you may have seen us. Taking part in parades is one way we can show our support for the community. The Canada parade is a staple event every year followed by a bbq at the Temple, a great time for the families to meet and socialize. We also participate in many other local parades with pride.

Civil Services

Remembering our veterans and our fallen brothers is very important, every year we take part in Rememberance day ceremonies.


Also, a cornerstone laying event might be another occasion where you’ll see us in public in full masonic regalia.

Any man who is twenty-one years of age or older and of good moral character, who has resided in Ontario for at least Twelve months, who comes well recommended and who believes in a Supreme Being may petition to become a Freemason in Ontario. 2 Be 1 Ask 1. For information on membership, please contact the Lodge Secretary at (infotrinity@gmail.com)